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THE FANNY PACK IS BACK: Fashionistas are embracing retro bum bags for festival season WHILE most of nineties fashion fads are best left forgotten, there’s one vintage item that is experiencing a well-earned revival. By Sarah Buchanan / Published 19th August 2017 GETTY WORK IT: Kendall Jenner and Rihanna are both fanny pack fans There is no denying that fanny packs are back and taking the world by storm. Spotted on the stylish waistlines of celebs such as Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and Beyoncé, it’s a much appreciated comeback for the practical hip belt. Better yet, the bum bag is a perfect companion for a music festival because it allows you to carry all those little essentials without being weighed down...

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MAKING OUR MARK in New Zealand - The Herald Sun publishes article on VIVRA

A Brisbane designer has reinvented the humble bum bag Making bum bags fashionable again is no mean feat. The much-ridiculed staple of many a 1980s wardrobe has been tarred with the daggy brush since it went the way of rollerblades and wraparound sunglasses. But the fact is, active wear is big business and many leggings don't come with a big enough pocket for all the crap you want to lug about. Sure, there's that little pocket for your house key, but you aren't fitting sunglasses/bank card/mobile phone and other miscellaneous debris in that mini-pocket fit for ants. Many a woman has found herself stuffing cash in her bra or down her pants to solve the issue. Hardly ideal. So Brisbane...

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