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    1. Safety and security

    Imagine losing your phone, credit cards, passport and identification. 

    What would that cost you, in terms of dollars and time?  Chances are, your phone costs at least ten times the price of a VIVRA... and that's not to mention all of the photos, videos and personal documents that you'd lose.  Then, you'd have to spend all that time and effort cancelling all of your credit cards and having them replaced.  Sounds like a big headache, doesn't it?

    With a VIVRA you don't need to worry about this happening because it keeps all of these things safely and securely, right on your waist.  As a big plus, the VIVRA also has in-built RFID protection, meaning that your cards won't be skimmed.

    2. Patented design

    The VIVRA has a fully patented design – meaning that you won't find any fashionable belt-free bum bags anywhere else in the world – period!

    3. Peace of mind 

    Perhaps the best reason the VIVRA is excellent value for money is because of the peace of mind that it gives you when you're wearing it.  You don't have to constantly worry about your personal belongings and can instead focus on whatever activity you're doing – whether that be sightseeing, exercising or travelling.  And at the end of the day, that's something that you simply can't put a dollar figure on.