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What is the difference between the 'RFID SAFE' and 'NON-RFID' pouches?

With most credit cards now implementing RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology to allow for contactless payments, it is essential to ensure that your credit cards are safe from skimming devices.  With the right equipment, it is possible  for someone to steal your credit card information simply by coming into proximity of your credit card.  Our 'RFID SAFE' pouches have a special in-built lining to ensure that your credit cards are not able to be skimmed - extremely handy if you plan on travelling to regions where credit card skimming is common.

How strong are the magnets in the VIVRA?

The Magnets in the VIVRA are specially designed and created to be extremely strong, meaning that your bag won't move an inch.  The VIVRAs are made to carry 350g comfortably and securely.

Will the magnets affect my bank card, mobile phone or other electronic items? 

The magnets used in VIVRAs are neodymium 'rare earth' magnets which are extremely strong but will not in any way affect your mobile phone.  While these magnets can technically interfere with bank and credit cards with direct and prolonged contact with the magnetic strip on these cards, they are positioned in such a way that they are not able to come into contact with the magnetic strip when the cards are inside the VIVRA.  Please do not let your VIVRA come into contact with your laptop as it can interfere with the moving parts and cause damage.

Is my VIVRA water resistant? 

Yes.  VIVRAs are made from special fabric which will protect the contents from light splashes and rain.

How do I care for my VIVRA?

We recommend that you cold machine wash or hand wash your VIVRA and dry naturally out of direct sunlight - that's it!





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