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    Get ready to change the way you move! The VIVRA is all about freedom and movement.

    SNAP -  the magnets together over the waist line of garment – be it leggings, pants, or skirt.

    ZIP - your phone, cards and keys inside the VIVRA pouch and

    GO - freely on your coffee date, workout or adventure!

    VIVRA pouches can sit on the front or back of your garments.

    By popular demand, we’ve recently introduced the VIVRA convertible chain available as a standalone purchase. 

    This chain allows you to convert any VIVRA into an extremely versatile, and world’s first, 5-in-1 carrying accessory.

    1. With the chain on, the VIVRA  can be worn over the shoulder as a cross-body bag...

    2. ... or as a shoulder bag.

    3. Remove the chain and wear the VIVRA over the waistband…

    4. ... or carry the VIVRA as a clutch or travel wallet (with in-built RFID blocker)...

    5. ... or wear the chain as a belt with the VIVRA snapped on like a traditional waist bum bag.

    Made of extremely high-quality materials chosen specifically for their resistance to wear, this chain is adjustable and is long enough to suit any body type or any purpose you can think of.  The combinations are endless.

    Unlock the potential of VIVRA!! See demonstration here: VIVRA CONVERTIBLE CHAIN


    Here’s some styling inspo:

    Show us how you wear your VIVRA pouch, tag us on Instagram @vivralifestyle and Facebook VIVRA and use #vivralifestyle

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